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Graduate Students



Rashed Ahmad

Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Math, Philosophy of Language, Truth // Manchester Hall 132


Teresa Allen

Social Epistemology, Moral and Political Philosophy, Truth


Richard Anderson

Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language, Metaethics

Phillip Barron

Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language (esp. Poetry) // Manchester Hall 105 // Website


Emma Björngard

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics


Kristin Culbertson

Moral and Political Philosophy, Social Justice, Ethics // Website // Manchester Hall 105


Rasa Davidaviciute

Philosophical Issues in Human Rights, Obligations to Cultural Heritage, History of Philosophies of Math and Logic // Manchester Hall 131


Mary Gregg

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language // Manchester Hall 104


Hanna Gunn

Social and Virtue Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy of Language


Jared Henderson

Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics // Website // Manchester Hall 131

Mengyu Hu

Logic, Metaphysics, Theories of Meaning // Manchester Hall 105


Ken Ito

Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Truth // Manchester Hall 101

Robin Jenkins

Philosophy of Language, Semantics and Pragmatics, Philosophy of Action // Website // Manchester Hall 104

Drew Johnson

Drew Johnson

Metaethics, Ethics, Epistemology // Manchester Hall 135

Nathaniel Johnson

Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy // Manchester Hall 101

Nathan Kellen

Truth, Philosophy of Logic, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics

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Junyeol Kim

Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Epistemology // Manchester Hall 104

Yuhan Liang

Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Moral Problems // Manchester Hall 101

Alycia LaGuardia-LoBianco

Alycia LaGuardia-LoBianco

Moral Psychology, Ethics, Feminist Philosophy


Mandy Long

Political Philosophy, Philosophical Issues in Public Policy (esp. Employment), Social Epistemology // Website // Manchester Hall 131

Joseph Lurie

Justification Logic, Mathematical Logic, Philosophical Logic, Epistemology


Tithi Basu Mallik

Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Mind

Colin McCullough-Benner

Colin McCullough-Benner

Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic // Manchester Hall 131
Tom Meagher

Tom Meagher

Africana Philosophy, Social and Existential Phenomenology, Political Philosophy, Carribean Thought, Philosophical Anthropology


Dana Francisco Miranda

Africana Philosophy, Existential Phenomenology, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Political Philosophy // Manchester Hall 135

Heather Muraviov

Virtue Theory, Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Feminist Philosophy // Manchester Hall 101


Jordan Ochs

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Truth, Logic // Manchester Hall 103

Gordon Paterson

Epistemology, History of Philosophy

Emily Pierce

Philosophy of Language, Logic, Epistemology // Manchester Hall 101


David Pruitt

Philosophy of Logic, Epistemology, Ethics


Jenelle Salisbury

Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Epistemology // Website // Manchester Hall 104


Nathan Sheff

Collective Epistemology, Social Ontology, Philosophy of Mind

Darian Spearman

Darian Spearman // Manchester Hall 103

Ryo Tanaka photo

Ryo Tanaka

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Sellars // Manchester Hall 105

Taylor Tate 

Philosophy of Education, Africana Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy // Website // Manchester Hall 131


Andrew Tedder

Philosophical Logic, History of Modern Philosophy // Website // Manchester Hall 132

Cody Turner

Russellian Monism, Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness, Intentionality, Cognitive Phenomenology, Representationalism // Manchester Hall 103


Jack Yip

Metaphysics, Metaphilosophy, Philosophy of Language 

All UConn philosophy graduate students are members of the PGSA.