Announcing the UConn Assistant Research Professors

UConn’s Philosophy Department has inaugurated an ongoing program of hiring three Assistant Research Professors, each for a three-year term. UConn Assistant Research Professsors will pursue their own research, collaborate with faculty and students, and teach one course per semester. The inaugural group comprises Tracy Llanera, Jessica Tizzard, and Charlie Crerar. Tracy received her PhD from Macquarie University in 2016. Her main research interests are Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, and American Pragmatism. Jessica received her PhD in 2017 from the University of Chicago. Her main research interests are Kant, Kantian Ethics, and Moral Psychology. Charlie is finishing his PhD from the University of Sheffield. His main research interest is epistemology, and in particular virtue and social epistemology. We are delighted that these three young philosophers will be joining us in Fall 2018.