Ruth G. Millikan

RuthBobs4Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, U-1054
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT 06269-1054
Office: 202 Manchester Hall
Phone: (860) 486-4592



Research Interests:

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Biology, Ontology, and Natural Epistemology

My research interests span many topics in the philosophy of biology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and ontology. The unity is in method rather than subject matter. The aspects of these fields that interest me are continuous with relevant scientific work and with the philosophy of science. I have been especially interested in applications of evolutionary theory in these areas, and in the ontology that makes study of biological entities possible.

For a complete listing of articles and books, please see my curriculum vitae.


Online Books:
2005 Language:  A Biological Model , Oxford
2004 Varieties of Meaning, The Jean Nicod Lectures 2002, MIT
2000  On Clear and Confused Ideas, Cambridge


Online Papers:
Places of publication are in my curriculum vitae above. To view the following “pdf” files you need to obtain a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
 Forthcoming Thoughts of Real Kinds
 2013 An Epistemology for Phenomenology
 2012 What’s Inside a Thinking Animal?
 2012 Spracherwerb Learning Language
 2012 On Meaning, Meaning and Meaning
 2012 Are There Mental Indexicals and Demonstratives?
 2012 Accidents (APA John Dewey Lecture)
 2011 Loosing the Word-Concept Tie
 2010 On Knowing the Meaning; With a Coda on Swampman
 2009 Embedded Rationality
 2008 A Difference of Some Consequence Between Conventions And Rules
 2008 Biosemantics (for the Oxford Handbook in the Philosophy of Mind, Brian McLaughlin, Editor)
 2007 An Input Condition for Teleosemantics
 2006 Useless Content
 2006 Styles of Rationality
 2005 The Father, The Son and the Daughter: Sellars, Brandom and Millikan
 2005 Some Reflections on the TT – ST Debate
 2004 Existence Proof for a Viable Externalism
 2004 On Reading Signs: Some Differences Between Us and The Others
 2003 In Defense of Public Language
 2003 Teleological Theories of Mental Content
 2002 Biofunctions: Two Paradigms 
 2001 The Language-Thought Partnership A Bird’s Eye View
 2001 The Myth of Mental Indexicals
 2001 What Has Natural Information to Do with Intentional Representation?
 2001 Cutting Philosophy of Language Down to Size
 2001 Purposes and cross-purposes: On the Evolution of Languages and Language
 2000 Reading Mother Nature’s Mind
 1999 Wings, Spoons, Pills, and Quills: A Pluralist Theory of Function
 1999 Historical Kinds and the Special Sciences
 1999 Reply to Boyd on Historical Kinds and the Special Sciences
 1998  A Common Structure for Concepts of Individuals, Stuffs and Real Kinds
 1998 With Enemies Like These, I Don’t Need Friends: Words, Concepts, and Entities
 1998 Language Conventions Made Simple
 1998 How We Make Our Ideas Clear: Empiricist Epistemology for Empirical Concepts
 1998 Naturalizing Intentionality (World Congress XX)
 1998 A More Plausible Kind of Recognitional Concept
 1998 On Cognitive Luck: Externalism in an Evolutionary Frame
 1996 On Swampkinds
 1996 Pushmi-Pullyu Representations
 1993 White Queen Psychology, Chapter 7: What Is Behavior? A Philosophical Essay on Ethology and Individualism in Psychology Part One
 1993 White Queen Psychology, Chapter 8: The Green Grass Growing All Around A Philosophical Essay on Ethology and Individualism in Psychology, Part Two


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