Mandy Long

Mandy Long is a Ph.D. candidate writing about the philosophical history of work, the project of defining “work” and work’s value for good human lives, and relevant questions of meaning-making, enrichment, oppression, or degradation through work. She has taught Intro to Social Ethics at UConn’s branch campuses since 2019, bringing these questions to undergraduates so that they can effectively choose the kinds of work they want to undertake in their professional and personal lives. Mandy holds a B.S. in Psychology from Western Carolina University, an M.A. in Philosophy from Georgia State University, and another M.A. in Philosophy from UConn. She was a 2022 winner of UConn’s University Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award and has been recognized three prior times for excellence in teaching. She is also a recipient of a CALI Excellence for the Future Award from UConn’s Law School in the course “Labor Law: Organizing and Collective Bargaining.” Mandy is from the foothills of western North Carolina and enjoys traveling (photo: archeological site of Aristotle’s Lyceum), plants, watching an endless stream of documentaries, and hiking with her dog Maya.

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