Yuhan Liang

Hi, everyone, I am Yuhan.

  • I am an ABD in the philosophy department University of Connecticut.
  • My research interests are comparative philosophy; Chinese philosophy; Virtue Epistemology (esp Moral Exemplars)
  • My dissertation focuses on the problem of value conflicts. Instead of studying the nature of conflict and consistency of reasoning, I use the Confucian exemplar to approach this problem.
  • You can contact me at yuhan.liang@uconn.edu

Education Background

B.A Nanjing Normal University (China)

M.A Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

M.A University of Connecticut

Teaching Experience

2017 Fall TA for PHIL 1101

2018 Spring-19 Fall TA for PHIL1104/1106

2020 Spring: Instructor for PHIL 1104

2020 Summer (now): PHIL1104

Language Skills

  1. Chinese
  2. English
  3. Japanese (JLPT N2)

Presentations and Publications

  • “Reflection in Value Conflicts—A New Ethical Failure in Mengzi” 2018 APA Pacific
  • “How to make a right judgment?— In the view of Zhu Xi” Meeting in 2019 ISCP (International Society of Chinese Philosophy)
  • “Being unreflective as an Epistemic Vice” Vice Epistemology Conference in Spain 2020 (Cancelled)
  • “Sages in Value Conflicts—Two meanings of Quan” Will Present in 2021 APA Eastern (forthcoming)
  • (forthcoming Publication)” 2019海外中国哲学现状研究张丽丽、梁玉菡
Contact Information
Office Location101 Manchester Hall