Careers in Philosophy

UConn’s Philosophy major equips students with a multitude of impressive skills that employers and graduate programs are looking for: critical thinking, devising and evaluating arguments, writing clearly and effectively, and problem solving to name a few. Majoring in Philosophy prepares students for careers in a variety of fields: business and consulting, technology, government and law, medicine, non-profits and community service, journalism and publishing, research, education, and more.

Here are some great resources to help as you explore and prepare for your career:

Here are some interesting articles about where a Philosophy degree can take you:

To discuss your career options, we encourage you to talk with faculty members in the department, including your assigned faculty advisor and professors you are taking classes with (email them for an appointment or go to their office hours). Kathryn Upson is also available for career advice (schedule an appointment with her through Nexus). And of course the Center for Career Development can help in countless ways (they offer same day career coaching – scroll to the bottom of their website)!