Gregory Doukas

Gregory E. Doukas is a Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy and Society at Babson College and a fellow at the Academy of Advanced African Studies in Bayreuth, Germany. His research explores the question of political responsibility, particularly in relation to society’s contradictions. His forthcoming monograph Dialectical Political Responsibility examines how Black and Jewish intellectuals have framed these issues and struggled to produce livable worlds under conditions of radical economic abandonment, state divestment, and, in some cases, war. At UCONN Doukas will be working on a second monograph addressing problematic interpretations of West African decolonial theory entitled How Not to Decolonize. His research appears in The Journal of World Philosophies and Philosophy and Global Affairs, and he has also written for the Black Issues in Philosophy Blog as well as Caliban’s Readings, the official blog of the Caribbean Philosophical Association. This year Doukas is teaching “Introduction to Philosophy and Society” and “Theories of Political Responsibility.”

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