1. 2/1Manuel Garcia-Carpintero: "Lewis On Truth In Fiction"
  1. 2/3Philosophy Brown Bag: Carney
  1. 2/10Philosophy Brown Bag: Crerar
  1. 2/10Publishing Now! Humanities Journals
  1. 2/12Linguistics Colloquium: Jason Merchant (University Of Chicago)
  1. 2/15Maria Jose Alcaraz Leon, "Truth And Imagination"
  1. 2/15Is The University Colonial?: Critical Conversations On Its Future
  1. 2/17Philosophy Brown Bag: Liang
  1. 2/19Meaning Group: Ahmad Jabbar
  1. 2/19UConn AWM Presents
    Public Lecture
    Carol Wood (Wesleyan)
  1. 2/19Philosophy Workshop On Conferencing And Publishing
  1. 2/22ECOM Spotlight Series: Yanina Prystauka
  1. 2/24Philosophy Brown Bag: Tate
  1. 2/26Meaning Group: Éno Agolli
  1. 2/26Logic Colloquium
    On Abstraction Principles
    Paolo Mancosu (Berkeley)