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Awarded PhDs and Placements

Degrees Listed by Academic Year


  • Emma Bjorngard
    • Advisor: Mitchell Green
    • Dissertation: An Embodiment Constrain on Theories of Affect
    • First Appointment: Academic Advisor & Program Coordinator in the UConn School of Business in Stamford
  • Thomas Meagher
    • Advisor: Lewis Gordon
    • Dissertation: Maturity in a Human World: A Philosophical Study
    • First Appointment: Visiting Assistant Professor, Quinnipiac University



  • Mayank Bora
    • Advisor: William Lycan
    • Dissertation: Believing About Individuals
    • First Appointment: Guest Faculty, University of Delhi
  • Toby Napoletano
  • Benjamin Nelson
    • Advisor: Donald Baxter
    • Dissertation: Hume’s “Of scepticism with regard to reason”
  • Andrew Parisi
  • Colena Sesanker
    • Advisor: Lewis Gordon
    • Dissertation: Self-Respect and Social Roles: A Critical Study of the Duty to Resist Oppression
    • First Appointment: Philosophy Instructor (tenure-track), Gateway Community College, New Haven CT
  • Nathan Sheff
    • Advisor: Michael Lynch
    • Dissertation: Thinking Together: Joint Commitment and Social Epistemology
    • Current Appointment: Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut



  • Ralph DiFranco
  • Michael Robillard
    • Advisor: Hallie Liberto and Michael Lynch
    • Dissertation: The Moral Dimensions of Vulnerability and Exploitation
    • First Appointment: Postdoctoral Researcher, Uehiro Center for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford



  • Kathy Fazekas
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Crawford Elder
    • Dissertation: The Nature of the Passage of Time: A Defense of a Revisionist B-theoretic View of Passage
    • First Appointment: Visiting Assistant Professor, Willamette University
    • Current Appointment: Adjunct Professor, University of Connecticut
  • Michael Hughes
    • Advisor: Jc Beall
    • Dissertation: Substantive Theories of Epistemic Justification: An Exploration of Formal Coherence Requirements
    • First Appointment: Java Developer, Alexander Technology Group
    • Current Appointment: Software Developer, TPx Communications
  • Casey Johnson
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Michael Lynch
    • Dissertation: Speech Acts and Silencing: Applying a New Account of Illocutions To Debates over Silencing and Testimony
    • Current Appointment: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Politics and Philosophy Department, University of Idaho



  • Alexis Elder
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Paul Bloomfield
    • Dissertation: Metaphysics of Friendship
    • First Appointment: Visiting Assistant Professor, Southern Connecticut State University
    • Current Appointment: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), University of Minnesota Duluth
  • David Lambie
  • Mark Lowe
    • Advisor: Crawford Elder
    • Dissertation: Implications of Species-as-Individuals: Kinds, Essentialism, Induction, De-Extinction
    • Current Appointment: Instructor of Humanities (tenure-track), Quinebaug Valley Community College, Danielson CT
  • Jeremy Wyatt
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Michael Lynch
    • Dissertation: Pluralism and the Absence of Truth
    • First Appointment: Post-doctoral Fellow, Veritas Institute, Yonsei University, South Korea



  • Matthew Clemens
    • Advisor: Jc Beall
    • Dissertation: New Directions for Mathematical Fictionalism
    • Current Appointment: Lecturer (Adjunct) at Siena College, NY
  • Douglas Owings
  • Paul Silva
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Michael Lynch
    • Dissertation: The Epistemology of Intuition and Seemings
    • First Appointment: Lecturer in Philosophy, Monash University
    • Current Appointment: Junior Professor, University of Cologne



  • Asha Bhandary
  • Nilanjan Bhowmick
    • Advisor: Samuel C. Wheeler III
    • Dissertation: That F is G: Defending Quantification
    • First Appointment: St. Stephens College, University of Delhi
    • Current Appointment: Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi
  • Daniel Massey
    • Advisor: Michael Lynch
    • Dissertation: The Argument from Irresolvable Moral Disagreement
    • First Appointment: Visiting Assistant Professor, Arkansas State University
    • Current Appointment: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Spring Hill College
  • Bradley Jay Strawser
    • Advisor: Michael Lynch and Steven Wall
    • Dissertation: Bounds of Defense: Moral Responsibily, Autonomy, and War
    • First Appointment: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Naval Postgraduate School, and Research Associate at Oxford University’s Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict center
    • Current Appointment: Associate Professor (tenured), Naval Postgraduate School



  • Theodore Bach
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Thomas Bontly
    • Dissertation: Folk-Psychology and Analogy
    • First Appointment: Visiting Assistant Professor, Southern Connecticut State University
    • Current Appointment: Associate Professor (tenured), Bowling Green State University Firelands
  • David Capps



  • Colin Caret
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Jc Beall
    • Dissertation: The Interpretation of Partitioned Frame Semantics
    • First Appointment: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Arché Research Centre in St. Andrews
    • Current Appointment: Assistant Professor, Underwood International College, Yonsei University
  • Aaron J. Cotnoir
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Jc Beall
    • Dissertation: Non-classical Mereologies and their Applications
    • First Appointment: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Northern Institute of Philosophy in Aberdeen, Scotland
    • Current Appointment: Senior Lecturer, University of St Andrews, Scotland
  • Rik Hine
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Austen Clark
    • Dissertation: Paying Attention to Consciousness
    • First Appointment: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Connecticut
    • Second Appointment: Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Texas Christian University
    • Current Appointment: Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Washburn University
  • Andrea Jean Purton
  • Qiong Wang
  • Jeffrey Wisdom
    • Website:
    • Advisor: Paul Bloomfield
    • Dissertation: From Moral Fictionalism to Moral Realism: an Essay in Moral Metaphysics
    • First Appointment: Assistant Professor, Joliet Junior College



  • Brian Leahy
  • Gustavus Alexus McLeod
  • Brian Rockwood
  • Franklin Scott
  • Steven Todd
    • Advisor: Austen Clark
    • Dissertation: Unmasking Consciousness: A case study demonstrating the impact of empirical data on theories of consciousness
    • First Appointment: Associate Professor of Philosophy, Lone Star College – Kingwood
    • Current Appointment: Associate Professor of Philosophy (tenured), Henderson State University



  • David Slutsky



  • Patrick Fleming
  • Adam Q. Potthast

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