Philosophy Major and Minor

Declaring Philosophy As Your Major or Minor

You can declare Philosophy as a major or minor by going to If you wish to add Philosophy as a double major, please use the CLAS Double Major Form and see either of the advisors listed below for signature.


Philosophy Advising

If you have questions about the Philosophy major (course selection, major/minor/double major requirements, graduation, career options, or anything else) or need a departmental signature on a form, we encourage you contact either of the individuals below:


Philosophy Plans of Study

The above plans of study are meant to be used as planning worksheets. Note that your final plan of study must be created and submitted online via the UConn Student Administration System. Philosophy majors that are approaching graduation will receive an email from the Academic Advisor with instructions.

Catalog Year: The catalog from the year in which you declared your first major in CLAS contains guidelines you must follow for graduation. You may elect to switch to a later catalog. The current CLAS catalog can be found here. The university catalog for all schools and majors for the current academic year can be found here. For all previous academic years, please see past catalogs.

Related Courses: Related courses must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies (listed above) prior to submission. Be sure to specify which courses you want to use to satisfy the Related Courses requirement when creating your Plan of Study (in the comments section).

CLAS General Education Requirements: All students within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must complete a set of core requirements set forth by the University and CLAS. These requirements can be found on the CLAS Academic Services Center page (see PDF at bottom of page). Note that only students under the 2019-2020 catalog year or later need to fulfill the Environmental Literacy Competency.


*For further questions, information, or CLAS forms and petitions, please go to the CLAS Academic Services Center.