Thomas Meagher: “Loving Commitment to Another”

Check out UConn Philosophy Alum Thomas Meagher’s newest piece on the Blog of the APA titled “Loving Commitment to Another: A Reflection by way of Howard Thurman”. 

Romantic love, then, as a nominiously loving commitment to another—a particular other, and not just any other—can be understood as a discipline of the spirit, a mode of life creating its order so as to confront the daunting depths of existence.

You can read the full article here.

Lewis Gordon: Interview on The Leadership Center for Social Justice Podcast

Check out Professor Lewis Gordon‘s new interview on The Leadership Center for Social Justice Podcast where he discusses his latest book Fear of Black Consciousness.

He shares about Black Consciousness as a commitment to life, radical love, and to building a better world and discusses how he sees that playing out in the world.

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Professor Emerita Margaret Gilbert: New Published Work

Check out Professor Emerita Margaret Gilbert’s new published work Life in Groups: How We Think, Feel, and Act Together.

Life in Groups: How We Think, Feel, and Act Together develops and applies the author’s perspective on topics she relates to joint commitment. This kind of commitment unifies those who participate in it, guides their actions going forward, and determines their relations to one another in important ways. In particular, it grounds in each of the parties a set of rights and obligations of a central kind. This volume contains thirteen essays, together with a substantial introduction, which serves both to explain joint commitment for those unfamiliar with it and to advance discussion in light of some questions it has prompted, and a reflective conclusion. The essays range over collective beliefs and intentions; rational choice and collective preference; group lies and corporate misbehavior; remorse and other emotions in a group context; rights, obligations, and freedom.



Lewis Gordon: New Interview with Tavis Smiley

Professor Lewis Gordon is back with a new interview on "The Tavis Smiley Podcast." Professor Gordon and Tavis Smiley explore "how racist power structures can permeate the minds of Black people to act against their own - using the recent example of Tyre Nichols where Black officers were the face of police brutality against Black people."


Check out the interview here.

Nicholas Smith: Interview with BBB Radio

Distinguished Visiting Professor Nicholas Smith joins Dan Tierney on BBB Radio 4 to discuss the philosophy of work.

"Some think we’ve placed too much emphasis on wealth as a measure of worth and that work should be about seeking to do something well, regardless of the monetary reward. Others believe that argument is laden with class-based assumptions and point to the disproportionately high salaries of bosses compared to their low-wage employees who don’t have the choice to be romantic about the idea of a vocation."


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Nicholas Smith: Redefining the Punk Scene

Professor Nicholas Smith‘s essay “Punk as Praxis” was featured on the UConn Daily Campus. Professor Smith answers the question of “What is Punk?” in his essay.


“It challenged conformity and complacency. Part of it was a refusal of things, and I think those things still need refusing,” Smith said about the things punk challenged and still need challenging.  

Check out “Punk as Praxis” on Professor Smith’s website.