Hady Ba and Gregory Doukas: Academy of Advanced African Studies

Congratulations to visiting research fellow Hady Ba and part-time faculty member Gregory Doukas on being rewarded with a fellowship at the Academy of Advanced African Studies in Bayreuth, Germany. This fellowship is for next year, 2025.


Ba and Doukas are also co-authors of a book in African philosophy and decolonial theory; in which an article about their work will be published in Philosophy and Global Affairs this summer.

Mitch Green: Volume 51 of Philosophia

Congratulations to Professor Mitch Green on successfully completing Volume 51 of Philosophia as Editor-in-Chief. Furthermore, he has expanded the journal’s reach to a global audience by introducing the new subtitle: A Global Journal Of Philosophy.

You can find more information on the journal, it’s newest volume and issues, here.

Well wishes to you and your team, Mitch!

Thomas Meagher: “Loving Commitment to Another”

Check out UConn Philosophy Alum Thomas Meagher’s newest piece on the Blog of the APA titled “Loving Commitment to Another: A Reflection by way of Howard Thurman”. 

Romantic love, then, as a nominiously loving commitment to another—a particular other, and not just any other—can be understood as a discipline of the spirit, a mode of life creating its order so as to confront the daunting depths of existence.

You can read the full article here.