Undergraduate Philosophy Society

About Us

Welcome to the UConn Undergraduate Philosophy Society! We exist as a community for everything Philosophy related. Our goals are as follows:

  • To provide a place for both casual and intellectual discussion of Philosophy and Philosophy-related topics
  • To cultivate a society of friendship and support for anyone interested in Philosophy
  • To exist as a place to turn to for any Philosophy-curious students at UConn

The Philosophy Department at UConn is one of the most intimate available at the University. We're hoping to be an outlet through which anyone can explore and develop interest in this ancient, and broad, subject.

Meeting Times

During the Fall 2019 semester, we will hold meetings every Monday at 7pm in Monteith 314. We hope you will join us!

Jason Tosta

Philosophy Society President, Jason

Bio: Jason Tosta is a Philosophy major from Southington, CT. His main interests include Philosophy of Mind, Language, Logic, and Eastern Philosophy.

Contact: jason.tosta@uconn.edu

Celeste Padua

Philosophy Society Vice President, Celeste

Bio: Celeste Padua is a Philosophy major from Farmington, CT. Her main interests in Philosophy are Logic and Ethics.

Contact: celeste.padua@uconn.edu