Undergraduate Philosophy Society

Pondering the questions of the ancients, whose mysteries still engage us today, is the heart of the Philosophy Society. Can we find our own answers to age old questions of good, evil, truth, and illusions? Or rather, must these very questions be revised to render them sensible and answerable? By interweaving opposing viewpoints, we are able to arrive at a subtler understanding of pressing issues. This is one of the reasons that community, diversity, and friendship are amongst our chief values. We aim to create an environment that challenges people's beliefs but remains cordial and supportive to members of the UConn community. Our endeavors are grounded in changing our minds and hearts, and influencing how we live in the world and with ourselves. Living wisely is among our chief aims.


Welcome to the Undergraduate Philosophy Society! We are open to students of all areas of study, and most of our members are non-philosophy majors. No background in philosophy is necessary. We discuss a broad range of topics such as: What is the foundation of human knowledge? What are the ethical considerations of animal ownership and caretaking? How far can humanity depart from nature before violating our ethical principles? Is stepping into a teleporter suicide? To what degree is it ethical to alter one's life for the sake of societal norms? How much can we really know about our own minds while dwelling inside of them, and does this give us a more or less accurate perspective on them? What is the role of science in society, and what are the limits of what science can teach us? Are human reason and emotion always in conflict or do they mutually support each other?


We host weekly discussion meetings, reading groups, guest speakers, and joint-organization events. Become a member on our UConntact page to be on the mailing list or join the discussion on our Discord server! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

UConntact: https://uconntact.uconn.edu/organization/philosophysociety
Discord: https://discord.gg/kweftCy


Pulsanti Aperietur


Carlos Castellon


Carlos is a senior, double majoring in economics and philosophy. As a member of both the economics society and philosophy society, Carlos is interested in exploring the intersection of both disciplines. Outside of academics, Carlos enjoys traveling and learning about art, music, literature, history, and languages from different parts of the world.

Picture of Caty Jhong.

Caty Jhong


Caty is a junior, double majoring in Philosophy and Linguistics and minoring in Political Science. She is interested in philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and ethics. She plans on attending law school and becoming an attorney after graduating.


Photo of Ben Liljedahl.

Ben Liljedahl


Ben is a Philosophy and Cognitive Science double major with a minor in Neuroscience. He plans on getting a PhD and studying consciousness. His main interests are Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, and Eastern Philosophy.

Photo of Arbi Shehu.

Arbi Shehu

Vice President

Arbi is a sophomore studying Economic Theory and Philosophy. He is from a family of Albanians who came over to the USA for economic reasons. His future plans are to get into law school in order to become a corporate lawyer, and his areas of interest include economics, philosophy, psychoanalysis.