Lewis Gordon: Interview on The Leadership Center for Social Justice Podcast

Check out Professor Lewis Gordon‘s new interview on The Leadership Center for Social Justice Podcast where he discusses his latest book Fear of Black Consciousness.

He shares about Black Consciousness as a commitment to life, radical love, and to building a better world and discusses how he sees that playing out in the world.

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Lewis Gordon: New Interview with Tavis Smiley

Professor Lewis Gordon is back with a new interview on "The Tavis Smiley Podcast." Professor Gordon and Tavis Smiley explore "how racist power structures can permeate the minds of Black people to act against their own - using the recent example of Tyre Nichols where Black officers were the face of police brutality against Black people."


Check out the interview here.

Nicholas Smith: Interview with BBB Radio

Distinguished Visiting Professor Nicholas Smith joins Dan Tierney on BBB Radio 4 to discuss the philosophy of work.

"Some think we’ve placed too much emphasis on wealth as a measure of worth and that work should be about seeking to do something well, regardless of the monetary reward. Others believe that argument is laden with class-based assumptions and point to the disproportionately high salaries of bosses compared to their low-wage employees who don’t have the choice to be romantic about the idea of a vocation."


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Nicholas Smith: Redefining the Punk Scene

Professor Nicholas Smith‘s essay “Punk as Praxis” was featured on the UConn Daily Campus. Professor Smith answers the question of “What is Punk?” in his essay.


“It challenged conformity and complacency. Part of it was a refusal of things, and I think those things still need refusing,” Smith said about the things punk challenged and still need challenging.  

Check out “Punk as Praxis” on Professor Smith’s website.

Lewis Gordon: Radio Interview with “This is Hell!”

"When we think about what oppression is, oppression is an effort to disempower a people, and this is a very crucial thing to think through, because we’re living in a period right now where people mistakenly look at power exclusively as coercion. To put it very bluntly, what power is, is the ability to make things happen, with access to the conditions of doing so."


Professor and Department Head, Dr. Lewis Gordon, joins "This is Hell!" to discuss his most recent book titled, Fear of Black Consciousness.

"This is Hell! is a longform political interview program focused on talking to the journalists, authors and activists working to make this world a slightly less hellish place. Expect in-depth conversations about the forces that drive politics, and gallows humor about a world with more questions than answers." (ThisisHell!)

This is Hell! broadcasts live during the week, 10am-11.30am central on Mixlr, usually Monday-Wednesday. Radio stations: 89.3 FM in Evanston and Chicago; Lumpen Radio, 105.5 FM, Chicago; and stations in Canada, the UK, and countries in Eastern Europe. 

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Lewis Gordon: Seminary Co-Op Book for 2022

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Congratulations to Professor and Department Head Lewis Gordon‘s, whose book Fear of Black Consciousness has been chosen as one of the Seminary Co-Op Notable books for 2022!

Now in its seventh year, the Seminary Co-op Notables list celebrates the books published in 2022 that helped define scholarship and inquiry. With the release of this annual list, it continues to advocate for the increased visibility of the crucial work of serious presses and authors and aims to invigorate and inspires readers.

Lewis Gordon: Interview with Tavis Smiley

Why does Black consciousness pose such a threat to racist power structures?


In his celebrated book Fear of Black Consciousness, Professor, Head of the Philosophy Department at UConn, and leading philosopher Lewis Gordon answers this question while unpacking “the historical development of racialized Blackness, the problems this kind of consciousness produces, and the many creative responses from Black and non-Black communities in contemporary struggles for dignity and freedom.” He joins Tavis for a conversation centered around his latest text.


"The Tavis Smiley Podcast" airs on weekdays 9 AM - 12 N

Insightful conversations with thought leaders, opinion makers, celebrities, authors and artists. Plus, socially conscious commentary that challenges listeners to re-examine the assumptions they hold, and expand their inventory of ideas.


One of TIME magazine’s “100 Most Influential People In The World,” Smiley has interviewed a veritable who’s who list of influencers, has penned multiple New York Times Bestselling books, and has already been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Tracy Llanera: Symposium on “Richard Rorty”

Congratulations to Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dr. Tracy Llanera on the symposium on her book Richard Rorty: Outgrowing Modern Nihilism! This symposium is now published (early view) in the journal The Philosophical Forum. 

Drawing on an original interpretation of Richard Rorty’s writings, [Richard Rorty: Outgrowing Modern Nihilism] challenges the orthodox treatment of nihilism as a malaise that human beings must overcome.