Tracy Llanera: Featured in The Daily Campus

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera on being featured in The Daily Campus! The article features Dr. Llanera’s presentation, “The Misfits of Extremism: Brides, Moms, and Daughters,” and discusses the premise of her upcoming book that is currently in progress.


“This book interrogates the role, value, and agency of marginal actors in white supremacist and Islamic terror movements,” Llanera stated. “While becoming extremists may temporarily enhance their agency and feelings of importance and belonging, I argue that the empowerment of marginal actors is conditional, pernicious and often lethal.”


You can read the rest of the article here.

Tracy Llanera: Marginal Actors in Extremist Movements

Congratulations to Dr. Tracy Llanera, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and 2023-2024 University of Connecticut Humanities Institute (UCHI) faculty fellow, for her recent feature in UCHI's Spotlight Series discussing her recent project, The Misfits of Extremism. You can access the video below, or by visiting UCHI's YouTube Channel here.

Congratulations, Tracy!

Paul Bloomfield: “The Best Revenge” on 3 Quarks Daily

Congratulations to Professor Paul Bloomfield on his newest piece, “The Best Revenge,” which is now accessible through 3 Quarks Daily.

You can read an excerpt from the article below:

If we defeat our enemy by acting like them, if they succeed in bringing us down to their level, then we have lost regardless of the outcome. Maybe we survive, but we survive through degradation: we become as bad as those we revile. We cut off our nose to spite our face.

You can read the remainder of the article here, or by going to the 3 Quarks Daily website.

Lewis Gordon: New Interview with Tavis Smiley and the Boston Review

Congratulations to Professor Lewis Gordon for his latest appearances on The Tavis Smiley Podcast and the Boston Review!

On Dr. Lewis Gordon’s latest interview with Tavis Smiley, they discuss how to live more ethically and courageously. Listen to the episode here: The Tavis Smiley Podcast with Dr. Lewis Gordon

Dr. Lewis Gordon also appears on the Boston Review, with Nathalie Etoke, to discuss the space for freedom opened up by Black existentialist thought. Read the article here: What Does It Mean to be Free?

Professor Emerita Margaret Gilbert: New Book, Podcast Interview and APA Pacific Division President

Congratulations to Professor Emerita Margaret Gilbert for her accomplishments as the 2023 – 2024 President of the APA Pacific Division, publishing her new book this year, and being interviewed on The Phi Beta Kappa Society podcast!

Check out Dr. Gilbert’s new book, Life in Groups: How We Think, Feel, and Act Together here!

How We Think, Feel, and Act Together

Listen to The Phi Beta Kappa Society’s podcast where Dr. Gilbert is featured with Michael Bratman as winners of the APA Lebowitz Prize in 2019.

Two Philosophers Ponder What It Means to Act Together