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The Philosophy Department at UConn is internationally recognized as a top place to do research in a wide variety of areas within philosophy, including: Africana Philosophy, Philosophical Logic, the Philosophies of Mind and Language, History of Philosophy, Aesthetics, Existentialism and Phenomenology, Metaphysics, Social Epistemology, Virtue Theory, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race and Racism, and more.

The department is also a leader in public philosophy, with members addressing topics such as the ethics of artificial intelligence, language and genocide, political epistemology, and shifting the geography of reason. Three journals are headquartered here: Journal of Philosophical ResearchJournal for the History of Analytic Philosophy; and the newly founded Philosophy and Global Affairs.

We have instituted the UConn Assistant Research Professor Program, in which we hire three young faculty for three-year terms devoted to research with a light teaching load.

Recent PhDs have secured positions at St. Andrews University, Oxford University, The Naval Post-Graduate School, the University of Delhi, the University of Massachusetts at Boston, the University of Memphis, the University of Iowa, the University of Idaho, the University of Konstanz, Monash University, Yonsei University, Muhlenberg College, Quinnipiac University, the University of Minnesota-Duluth, the Czech Academy of Sciences, the University of California-Merced, TPX Communications, Cambridge Semantics, Sam Houston State University, and Cycorp. The current group of graduate students come from Greece, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, Canada, South Korea, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Germany, Argentina, and the United Kingdom, as well as the U.S.

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Upcoming Events

  1. 4/16 Annual Logic Lecture
    Algebraic Constructions In Models Of Peano Arithmetic And Its Weak Fragments
    Paola D’Aquino (Università della Campania)
  2. 4/21 Philosophy Brown Bag: Llanera
  3. 4/23 Logic Colloquium
    Bilateralist Truth-Maker Semantics for ST, TS, LP, K3, ...
    Ulf Hlobil (Concordia University)
  4. 4/23 ECOM Speaker Series: Emeritus Professor Peter Gardenfors
  5. 4/26 VICTR Presents: Eduardo Barrio
  6. 4/28 Philosophy Brown Bag: Culbertson