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Photo of associate research scholar Rosemere da Silva with her publications, Ensino da literatura no contexto contemporaneo, fanon Today, and O chao da escola.Li Beilei, Research Associate


List of People
Dana Francisco Miranda

Dr. Dana Francisco Miranda is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Massachusetts at Boston. He is a visiting scholar in the UCONN Philosophy Department as part of the joint initiative with Global Affairs group: Philosophy and Global Affairs. He is also part of the ongoing dialogues project with the Humanities Institute at UCONN (UCHI).  Dr. Miranda is also an active public philosopher: see his website, which includes his blog and podcast.  Dr. Miranda is collaborating remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lisa Warenski

Lisa Warenski is an affiliated associate professor in the philosophy department at the CUNY Graduate Center, where she regularly teaches the department’s introductory logic course. She works primarily in epistemology. Her current research project investigates good epistemic practices in organizations, with a focus on banks and other financial institutions. The good epistemic practices approach aims to identify systems and structures as well as individual practices that promote organizational epistemic virtue.


List of People
Mouhamadou El Hady BA

Trained in Dakar as a philosopher, Dr. Hady Ba holds a PhD in Cognitive Science from The Jean Nicod Institute in Paris. He spent academic year 2021-2022 in the US as a Fulbright Research Scholar affiliated with the Philosophy Department of the University of Connecticut at Storrs and The Institute of African Studies at Columbia University.

Dr Ba lives in Dakar, where he is the head of the Philosophy Department at Cheikh Anta Diop University’s Teachers College. He’s been an Invited Professor at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, an invited Researcher at the University of Turin, and an International Supporting Faculty at the School of Collective Intelligence of Mohamed 6 Polytechnique University in Morocco.

Dr. Ba has published research papers in Linguistics, Epistemology, Psychology and Political Philosophy. He’s currently finishing a book about the so-called ‘epistemologies from the South.’ and has an ongoing project on animal cognition, comparing human and non-human cognition.

Before coming back to Dakar, Hady Ba worked on the development of Natural Language Processing tools that use open-source resources to detect and anticipate security threats. A founding member and first scientific director of the Think Tank Ipode, he has written in this capacity about terrorism in the Sahel and policy problems affecting west Africa.

During the pandemic, Dr. Ba was a member of the International Collaboration on the Social & Moral Psychology (ICSMP) of COVID-19 that brought together more than 250 scholars from around the globe to examine psychological factors underlying the attitudes and behavioral intentions related to COVID19.

Li Beilei

Dr. Li Beilei is a Lecturer in Literature at Zhejiang Normal University in China. She is a specialist in African American philosophy and literature and translation.  She recently completed a book on James Weldon Johnson entitled Representation Strategies and Literary Writing: The Study of James W. Johnson (Zhejiang University Press, 2020) and is currently translating a collection of essays by Lewis R. Gordon entitled 论哲学、去殖民化与种族 (“On Philosophy, Decolonization, and Race”), which will be published by Wuhan University Press.  Dr. Li Beilei is researching remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rosemere Ferreira da Silva

Dr. Rosemere Ferreira da Silva is Titular Professor at the State University of Bahia (Universidade do Estado da Bahia / UNEB), where she has taught since 2012. Dr. Da Silva is currently writing a book about black intellectuals and is a Research Scholar in the Philosophy Department at UCONN-Storrs, where she is part of the editorial team of Black Issues in Philosophy and the research group Philosophy and Global Affairs, which is a joint project with the Philosophy Department and UCONN’s Global Affairs. She is a specialist in Brazilian Literature, Afro-Brazilian Literature, Comparative Literature and Ethnic and African Studies. Her research focuses on Afro-Brazilian and Caribbean Literature. She is the coordinator of Literatura and Afrodescendência research group at UNEB. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ferreira da Silva was collaborating remotely from Brazil. Her recent publications are NOVAS PESQUISAS SOBRE O PENSAMENTO DE FRANTZ FANON in the journal EntreLetras 11, no. 2 (2020) and three book chapters, RELEVÂNCIA DO TEXTO LITERÁRIO AFRO-BRASILEIRO PARA O ENSINO DE LITERATURA NA EDUCAÇÃO BÁSICA in Ensino da literatura no contexto contemporâneo, THE INFLUENCE OF FRANTZ FANON`S THOUGHT ON BLACK FEMALE INTELLECTUAL PRODUCTION IN BRAZIL in Fanon Today: Reason and Revolt of the Wretched of the Earth and PEDAGOGIA DA ESCRITA VIVÊNCIA DE CAROLINA MARIA DE JESUS NO TEXTO LITERÁRIO AFRO-BRASILEIRO (in collaboration with Milena Paixão) in O chão da escola: diferentes abordagens no ensino de língua portuguesa, literatura e outras artes na educação básica. In academic year 2022-2023, she is based in Connecticut.

Richard Pithouse

Richard Pithouse is a scholar, journalist, editor, teacher and activist working from Johannesburg, South Africa. He has taught philosophy and politics in South African universities since 1995, and published widely in academic journals and books with a particular focus on Frantz Fanon and popular struggles in South Africa. He has been a regular contributor to the media in South Africa for more than twenty-five years, and has held positions as a columnist and editor-in-chief. He has also taught in trade union and social movement political schools, and in other movement spaces, over the same time span. He has done some work as a curator, and is the founder and Executive Director of The Forge, a space for public discussions, performance and exhibitions in the heart of Braamfontein, Johannesburg’s vibrant downtown student district. The Forge includes The Commune, a thriving radical bookstore and coffee shop.

Velislava Todorova

Velislava Todorova has a B.A. in Philosophy from Sofia University, Bulgaria and an M.A. in Computational linguistics from the University of Tübingen, Germany. She is currently working on her Ph.D. thesis under the supervision of Evgeni Latinov from Sofia University and with the help of her host advisor at UConn, Mitchell Green. Slava is mainly interested in formal semantics, pragmatics and evidentiality.