Rosemere Ferreira da Silva

Dr. Rosemere Ferreira da Silva is Titular Professor at the State University of Bahia (Universidade do Estado da Bahia / UNEB), where she has taught since 2012. She is a specialist in Brazilian Literature, Afro-Brazilian Literature, Comparative Literature and Ethnic and African Studies. Her research focuses on Afro-Brazilian and Caribbean Literature. She is the coordinator of Literatura and Afrodescendência research group at UNEB. She is currently writing a book about black intellectuals. Dr. Da Silva is also a Research Scholar in the Philosophy Department at UCONN-Storrs, where she is part of the editorial team of Black Issues in Philosophy and the research group Philosophy and Global Affairs, which is a joint project with the Philosophy Department and UCONN’s Global Affairs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Ferreira da Silva is collaborating remotely from Brazil. Her recent collaboration is NOVAS PESQUISAS SOBRE O PENSAMENTO DE FRANTZ FANON, published in the journal EntreLetras 11, no. 2 (2020).

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