Graduate Students

Alexandra Stamson: Recent Conference Presentations

Congratulations to one of our graduate students, Alexandra Stamson, for her paper, “Moving Beyond-And-Within Binary Embodiment,” being accepted for presentation at the Hypatia’s Promise: Opening the Archives, Charting Feminist Futures conference.

Alex will also be presenting her paper, “Gender-Neutral or Gender-Forward? Considering Imaginative Engagement and Resistance in Gendered Fictional Narratives,” at the National Women’s Studies Association conference, as well as moderating two panels:

  1. Norms and Antinorms of Transnational Creative Resistance
  2. Creative Resistance in Mainstream Media: Norms and Antinorms in Fiction

Congratulations Alex!

Katrina Kish: Recent Conference Presentations

Congratulations to one of our graduate students, Katrina Kish, for her recent presentation at the Trust, Hope, and Rationality: Lung Early Career Conference where she presented her paper titled “The Role of Care in Trust.”

A week later, Katrina presented her paper “Good Will Hunting: Reconsidering Annette Baier’s Account of Trust” at the Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy.

Congratulations Katrina!

David Rodriguez: APA Eastern Division and Hildebrand Project

Many congratulations are in order for David Rodriguez, whose paper “Character Growth Externalism: A View to Ameliorating Vice” being accepted for presentation as the 2024 APA Eastern Division meeting!

David Rodriguez has also been accepted into the Hildebrand Project’s Thirteenth Annual Summer Seminar on Gratitude as one of the keynote speakers!

Heather Muraviov and Tracy Llanera: Talk at California State Fullerton Philosophy Symposium

Congratulations to PH.D. student, Heather Muraviov, and Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera for presenting at the California State Fullerton Philosophy Symposium on Examining Extremism this week!

Heather’s talk is titled “Countering Extremist Mindsets through Liberatory Epistemic Virtues” and focuses on an application of Cassam’s view of extremist mindsets and radicalization to agents who resist oppression and engage in liberatory struggles.

Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera’s talk is titled “Extremist Women and Fanaticism,” and focuses on women and their propensity to become fanatics in extremist groups.