Tracy Llanera

Tracy Llanera: Featured in The Daily Campus

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera on being featured in The Daily Campus! The article features Dr. Llanera’s presentation, “The Misfits of Extremism: Brides, Moms, and Daughters,” and discusses the premise of her upcoming book that is currently in progress.


“This book interrogates the role, value, and agency of marginal actors in white supremacist and Islamic terror movements,” Llanera stated. “While becoming extremists may temporarily enhance their agency and feelings of importance and belonging, I argue that the empowerment of marginal actors is conditional, pernicious and often lethal.”


You can read the rest of the article here.

Tracy Llanera: Marginal Actors in Extremist Movements

Congratulations to Dr. Tracy Llanera, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and 2023-2024 University of Connecticut Humanities Institute (UCHI) faculty fellow, for her recent feature in UCHI's Spotlight Series discussing her recent project, The Misfits of Extremism. You can access the video below, or by visiting UCHI's YouTube Channel here.

Congratulations, Tracy!

2023 -2024 UCHI/CLAS Undergraduate Research Fellows

Congratulations to the 2023 – 2024 UCHI/CLAS Undergraduate Research Fellows who have been supervised by our wonderful junior faculty members!

Breanna Bonner (Project advisor: Ayanna De’Vante Spencer)
“‘The Space Between Black and Liberation’: Analyzing Black Women’s Experiences of Intersectional Invisibility Within Liberation Movements”

Annabelle Bergstrom (Project advisor: Julian J. Schlöder)
“Minds Among Minds: A Pragmatist View of the Social and Spiritual Self in a Hyperconnected World”

Nathan Howard (Project advisor: Tracy Llanera)
“Homofascism: The Queering of Hate”

Tracy Llanera: Awarded Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera for being awarded a Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship! Professor Llanera will write a new book titled The Misfits of Extremism.

Her book aims to place non-traditional extremist agents of Islamic fundamentalism and white supremacy at the front and center of philosophical and political debates. The work will offer a new theoretical framework for understanding the nature and character of extremism and extremist commitment, the dynamics of power and agency, and the problems of blame and moral accountability.


Heather Muraviov and Tracy Llanera: Talk at California State Fullerton Philosophy Symposium

Congratulations to PH.D. student, Heather Muraviov, and Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera for presenting at the California State Fullerton Philosophy Symposium on Examining Extremism this week!

Heather’s talk is titled “Countering Extremist Mindsets through Liberatory Epistemic Virtues” and focuses on an application of Cassam’s view of extremist mindsets and radicalization to agents who resist oppression and engage in liberatory struggles.

Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera’s talk is titled “Extremist Women and Fanaticism,” and focuses on women and their propensity to become fanatics in extremist groups.


Tracy Llanera: “The Misogyny Paradox and the Alt-Right” featured in New Work in Philosophy

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera for her article, “The Misogyny Paradox and the Alt-Right” being feature in New Work in PhilosophyDr. Llanera’s article offers a philosophical analysis of the misogyny women experience in the alternative right (alt-right) movement.

Check out the article here!

Tracy Llanera: Symposium on “Richard Rorty”

Congratulations to Assistant Professor of Philosophy Dr. Tracy Llanera on the symposium on her book Richard Rorty: Outgrowing Modern Nihilism! This symposium is now published (early view) in the journal The Philosophical Forum. 

Drawing on an original interpretation of Richard Rorty’s writings, [Richard Rorty: Outgrowing Modern Nihilism] challenges the orthodox treatment of nihilism as a malaise that human beings must overcome. 

Tracy Llanera: CLAS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grant

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Tracy Llanera, who has been awarded a CLAS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Grant to support her work titled “Resilience: A Workshop for Women Doing Philosophy.” Dr. Llanera’s work has already inspired an intellectual movement in the South Pacific, in which Indigenous and other South Pacific women of color working in philosophy have created a Women Doing Philosophy group and project. The result is a series of influential journal articles, conferences, colloquia, and a proposed anthology on resilience. The proposal for the anthology has been enthusiastically received by the series editors for the Routledge-India series Academics, Politics and Society in the Post-Covid World.