Steven Núñez

steve núñez (pronouns: he, him, they, y’all) aka sospicy is an abolitionist from the Port City — Wilmington, North Carolina. Directly after high school graduation in 2005, steve joined the US Army where he earned a Green Beret becoming a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant at the age of twenty. After an honorable discharge, steve contracted for the US State Department as a Personal Security Specialist on an Embassy Protection Detail in Kabul, Afghanistan. His experiences led him to fervent critique of US Empire and critically reflect on his role in entrenching it. He became increasingly more sensitive to the Islamophobia and white supremacy that informed most of the top level policy conversations he was privy to, which led to an intellectual curiosity pushing him to enroll at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in 2013. Made possible with 9/11 G.I. Bill resources, steve graduated from UNCW with a BA in Philosophy & Religion (dual concentration) and Anthropology with minors in Classical Studies and Middle East & Islamic Studies. He went on to complete a Master of Theological Studies in Religion, Ethics, and Politics from Harvard Divinity School in 2018. núñez has been a PhD student at UConn since 2018 and although his research interests range broadly across the discipline, his primary questions revolve around Africana Philosophy, Existential Phenomenology, Black Aesthetics, and Just War Theory & Critical War Studies. When they’re not reading and writing, steve is an active organizer on the UConn campus and in North Carolina. steve also loves to cook and bake, is an avid photographer, and loves Trap music.

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