Megha Arora


Megha’s research interests lies in epistemology, social and political philosophy and ethics, specifically in social epistemology and feminist epistemology. She is interested in questions that focus on studying the oppressive systems that hinder knowledge creation by marginalized communities. She dedicated herself to examine the complexities of moral, social, and epistemic life. Her academic interests also reflect in her activism. As philosophy has low South-Asian representation in western-centric discussions, these practices reflect a lack of epistemic knowledge from the global south. She is an avid activist of making philosophy more inclusive and diverse.

Megha was born and raised in India. She has done her bachelor’s in philosophy honours from Daulat Ram College and later did her master’s in philosophy from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi. She has started the MAP (Minorities and Philosophy chapter) at the University of Delhi, the first in Asia in 2020.

As her research interests are in feminist philosophy and having great inclination towards humanities in general, she decided to continue her studies in USA. She is a first generation college graduate in her family, first person in her family to do a PhD and studying abroad.

Megha is also a transitioning vegan. Apart from reading philosophy she enjoys spending time with cats and likes to cook food. She tries to veganise recipes and loves talking to friends generally. She also enjoys memes on Instagram.

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