Research Groups


UConn Logic Group

What was originally just “The Logic Group” was started by JC Beall in 2005 as a series of informal biweekly meetings of those in the department interested in Philosophical Logic.  In 2008 it added interested parties from the Departments of Mathematics and of Linguistics, and became the inter-disciplinary “UConn Group in Philosophical and Mathematical Logic”.  It still runs a bi-weekly  logic colloquium, but also hosts an annual Logic Lecture and a “Scholar of Consequence”, who visits to work to work with members of the logic group on a range of overlapping interests.

Expression, Communication, and the Origins of Meaning  (ECOM)

ECOM was established in 2010 at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  by Dorit Bar-On, with the help of a 2009 4-year National Science Foundation grant for collaborative research (with Mitchell Green, now also a member of the  UConn Philosophy Department).  It aims to provide a forum for interdisciplinary exchanges and collaborative research on specific topics that lie at the intersection of philosophy, linguistics, cognitive science, comparative psychology, and evolutionary anthropology.  ECOM’s areas of interest include the evolution of language, animal communication, mind-reading, origins of objective perception and thought, expression and expressive behavior, slurs and other ‘loaded’ language, semantic and pragmatic norms, speech acts, and intentional action.  ECOM seeks to bring together faculty and graduate as well as undergraduate students from several departments and area universities to engage in a number of research activities: reading groups, discussion forums, an annual speaker series, workshops, and seminars.  (For a list of published and in-progress collaborative work by ECOM members, see here.) 

Grue Bags

The “Grue Bags” are the graduate student analogue of the weekly departmental “Brown Bag” seminars where faculty present current work to the rest of the department. Grue Bags are a place for graduate students to share their work in a constructive environment to other UConn grads, philosophy and otherwise. Grue Bags happen roughly fortnightly during the evening. Please contact Nathan Kellen with questions or for information.

Political and Moral (PM) Draft Circulating Group

The Political and Moral (PM) draft-circulating group meets biweekly throughout the year to provide feedback on graduate and faculty papers in these areas. Please contact Alycia LaGuardia-LoBianco for questions and information.

Language, Epistemology and Metaphysics (LEM) Workshop Group

LEM is a workshop group founded by Michael P. Lynch to workshop papers in the areas of philosophy of language, epistemology and metaphysics. It is currently on hiatus due to Michael Lynch’s recent appointment as Director of the Humanities Institute, but will return for AY 2015-2016. Please contact Nathan Kellen with questions or for information.