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Dorit Bar-On

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology  //  Website // 302 Manchester Hall // 860-486-9119

Donald Baxter

Professor and Department Head
Metaphysics, Early Modern (Western) Philosophy  //  Website  //  201 Manchester Hall // 860-486-4419

JC Beall

Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor
Logic, Philosophy of Logic, and Lem-Related Issues  //  Website  // 334 Manchester Hall // 860-486-3775

Paul Bloomfield

Moral Philosophy, Metaphysics  //  Website  // 206 Manchester Hall // 860-486-3745

Thomas D. Bontly

Associate Professor
Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Science  //  Website  // 204 Manchester Hall // 860-486-3822

Austen Clark

Philosophy of Psychology and Philosophy of Mind  //  Website  // 233 Manchester Hall // 860-486-0393
Lewis Gordon 2

Lewis Gordon

Professor, joint with the Africana Studies Institute
Africana Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Existentialism, and Phenomenology  //  Website  // 205 Manchester Hall // 860-486-9118

Mitch Green

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, and Aesthetics  //  Website  // 304 Manchester Hall // 860-486-9119

Suzy Killmister

Assistant Professor, joint with the Human Rights Institute
Moral and Political Philosophy  //  Website  // 232 Manchester Hall // 860-486-7946

Hallie Liberto

Assistant Professor
Moral and Political Philosophy  //  Website  // 230 Manchester Hall // 860-486-2710

William Lycan

Distinguished Visiting Professor
Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Language

Michael P. Lynch

Professor and Director, Humanities Institute
Epistemology, Language and Political Philosophy  //  Website  // 301 Manchester Hall // 860-486-9057

Alexus McLeod

Assistant Professor
Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy  //  Website  // Manchester Hall //

David Ripley

Assistant Professor
Logic and Philosophy of Language  //  Website  // 207 Manchester Hall // 860-486-4025

Marcus Rossberg

Associate Professor
Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics, History of Analytic Philosophy  //  Website  // 229 Manchester Hall // 860-486-6420

Susan Schneider

Associate Professor
Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Cognitive Science  //  Website  // 231 Manchester Hall // 860-486-

Lionel Shapiro

Associate Professor
Philosophy of Language and Mind, Philosophical Logic, and Early Modern Philosophy  //  Website  // 203 Manchester Hall // 860-486-9470

Daniel Silvermint

Assistant Professor, joint with Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Political Philosophy and Feminist Philosophy  //  Website// 332 Manchester Hall // 860-486-7928

Keith Simmons

Logic, the History and Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, and Kant’s ethics  //  Website // 333 Manchester Hall // 860-486-6279

Emeritus Faculty

 RuthBobs4-150x150Ruth Millikan

Professor Emerita
Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Biology, Ontology, and Natural Epistemology // Website  // 202 Manchester Hall // 860-486-4592

dtm3Diana Tietjens Meyers

Professor Emerita
Philosophy of Action, Feminist Ethics, and Human Rights Theory

Susan Anderson

Professor Emerita
Self, Applied Ethics, Critical Reasoning/Logic, 19th Century Philosophy and Philosophy in Literature

Garry M. Brodsky

Professor Emeritus
Nietzsche; Modernity and Postmodernity; Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy, both Anglo-American analytic and Continental

Crawford Elder

Professor Emeritus
Metaphysics Broadly Construed–a form of metaphysics, that is, that encompasses issues in Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, and even Philosophy of Biology  //  Website  // 202 Manchester Hall // 860-486-4592

Margaret Gilbert

Professor Emerita
Philosophy of social phenomena; related areas of: ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of law, action theory, epistemology; the theory of rational choice

Anne Hiskes

Professor Emerita
Interdisciplinary perspectives on the History and Philosophy of Science, Gender and Science, Philosophy of Physics, Bioethics, and Science and Human Rights

Leonard I. Krimerman

Professor Emeritus
Research interests in recent political philosophy, theory and prospects of democracy, philosophy and social science, and philosophy of education // Website  // 334 Manchester Hall

Joel Kupperman

Professor Emeritus
Ethics and Aesthetics, with a strong interest in classic Asian

Scott Lehmann

Professor Emeritus
Logic, Foundations of Economics, Policy Analysis, and Environmental Ethics
scott.lehmann@uconn.ed  //  Website // 334 Manchester Hall

Robert Luyster

Professor Emeritus
History and Philosophy of Religion

A.S. McGrade

Professor Emeritus
Medieval philosophy, especially Ockham, Aquinas, and Augustine; political philosophy; Plato and Aristotle; metaphysics

Robert Phillips

Professor Emeritus
Moral issues connected with wars and with other aspects of contemporary politics

Jerome A. Shaffer

Professor Emeritus
Mind-body // Website  // 234 Manchester Hall // 860-486-4221

John Troyer

Professor Emeritus
Normative Theory, Early Modern Philosophy, and Wittgenstein // Website  // 334 Manchester Hall // 860-486-3668

Samuel C. Wheeler III

Professor Emeritus
Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Ethics, Deconstruction, and Ancient Philosophy  //  Website  // 234 Manchester Hall // 860-486-3592