Postdoctoral Scholars

Current Post-Docs

>Parisi photo

Andrew Parisi

Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophy

Research Interests: Modal Logic, foundations of mathematics, and philosophy of logic and mathematics. // 


Previous Post-Docs

Guindon photo

Eric Guindon

Postdoctoral Scholar in Philosophy, 2014-2017

Research interests: philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, metaphysics, epistemology. //

Johnson photo

Casey Johnson

Postdoctoral Scholar at the UConn Humanities Institute, 2015-2017

Research interests:  Social Epistemology, Epistemology and Philosophy of Language. // Website

 Beilei Li photo

Beilei Li

Postdoctoral Scholar in Philosophy, 2015-2016

Research interests: Philosophy in Literature, Africana Philosophy, Phenomenology and Philosophy of Existence

 Shay Logan photo

Shay Logan

Postdoctoral Scholar in Philosophy, 2015-2016

Research interests:  Philosophy of Mathematics, Arithmetic Pluralism, and Substructural Quantification

Paul Simard Smith photo

Paul Simard Smith

Postdoctoral Scholar in Philosophy, 2014-2016

Research interests:  Epistemology, Philosophy of Logic, and Philosophy Of Language // Website