Month: January 2017

Recent Graduate Dr. Michael Robillard Featured on Hi-Phi Nation

An email from Shanna Andrawis of Hi-Phi Nation:

I’m writing to inform you that one of your recent PhD students in Philosophy, Michael Robillard, will be a featured contributor on the next two episodes of Hi-Phi Nation, a brand-new radio show and podcast, weaving investigative journalism, storytelling, and philosophy, in the tradition of the best public radio programs. Hi-Phi Nation is hosted by Barry Lam, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Vassar College, and produced out of Duke University through the Humanities Writ Large Initiative.

Conceived as audio documentary in the vein of This American Life, The Ted Radio Hour, and Freakonomics Radio, Hi-Phi Nation focuses on the philosophical examination of ideas that arise from ordinary and remarkable stories of human life. With the series Lam hopes to advance the relationship between the public and academic philosophy and between philosophy and narrative-storytelling.

In “Soldier Philosophers”, which comprises episodes two and three of the season, Dr.Robillard talks about his military service in Iraq, and discusses his philosophical work on moral exploitation.

Hi-Phi Nation will release ten episodes this season on topics ranging from war, religion, gender, mathematics, music, science, and public policy. Listeners can hear Michael Robillard on “Soldier Philosophers” starting Tuesday, January 31st, and can subscribe to Hi-Phi Nation for free by visiting iTunes here, GooglePlay, Stitcher, or wherever they get their podcasts. Or they can listen on the web at