Author: Baxter, Donald

“Night of Philosophy” in Manhattan

Three of us–Susan Schneider, Paul Bloomfield, and JC Beall–will be participating in the French Embassy’s “Night of Philosophy” in Manhattan on the night of April 24 to the morning of April 25.

See the story in the New York Times mentioning Susan Schneider, Paul Bloomfield, and Jc Beall.

Jc Beall: Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

Jc Beall has just been chosen by the University of Connecticut Board of Trustees to be a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, which is the highest honor that the University bestows on faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, research and service. This honor has been bestowed previously on two other members of the Philosophy Department: Joel Kupperman and Ruth Millikan.

Michael Robillard: Research Fellow at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership

One of our graduate students, Michael Robillard has been chosen from a large pool of candidates to be one of three research fellows at the Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership located at the United States Naval Academy. The Fellows program is a unique and multidisciplinary effort that brings together academics and military professionals to study a specific topic in the field of military ethics and leadership. Next year’s topic will be on civil/military relations. The Fellows meet together for a weekly seminar, host guest speakers, conduct independent and joint research, travel to meet with other experts in the field, publish their findings in journals and books, produce instructional materials for the Academy curriculum, and make presentations at the Academy and other national and international forums. Research accomplished by the Fellows makes a significant impact on education at the Naval Academy and policy making within our national government. Michael will begin his residency at the Center in September of 2015 and will complete the program in May of 2016.