New Faculty Hires

New Faculty and the year they start are:

Fall ’12:

  • Bill Lycan (UNC)visiting each Fall: Language, Mind, Epistemology

Fall ’13:

  • Lewis Gordon (formerly Temple): Africana, Existentialism, Social/Political
  • Mitch Green (formerly UVa): Language, Mind, Aesthetics
  • Susan Schneider (formerly Penn): Mind, Language
  • David Ripley (formerly Melbourne postdoc): Logic, Language
  • Suzy Killmister (formerly Massey): Political, Moral
  • Daniel Silvermint (formerly McGill postdoc): Political, Feminist

Fall ’14

  • Dorit Bar-On (formerly UNC): Language, Mind, Meta-ethics
  • Keith Simmons (formerly UNC): Logic, Language